The Patrick Joyce Memorial Fund

Sep 21st, 2014 | By | Category: Tales of the Joyce Family

On October 2, 2009, 39 year old Patrick Joyce Jr., a 16 year veteran of the Yonkers Fire Department, heroically lost his life as he rushed into a burning building with the intent of saving people who were unable to save themselves. Pat was born in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, to a family that loved him dearly. In that tradition, he built a life and family in Eastchester, NY, with his loving wife, Tara, and their daughters, Isabella, 8, and Charlotte, 6. He is remembered by all for his kindness, professionalism and humor. In addition to his duties as a Yonkers Firefighter assigned to Rescue 1, he was also a driven entrepreneur with with a 12-year string of successes at opening restaurant-bars. Pat was the proud proprietor of Social, Latitude & Smiths of NYC and of the Dunwoodie Golf Course. He was a visionary who believed in a promising future for the City of Yonkers and its waterfront. Throughout his life, he touched so many through his kindness and commitment to public service.

The Patrick Joyce Memorial Fund was created by his family to serve as a foundation to honor a life that should be emulated by all. Pat was a generous soul who selflessly gave of himself. The primary mission of the fund is to provide financial support to those in need. Pat spent his life using all his time, energy and resources to make the world around him a better place. It is with great hope that Pat’s selfless spirit will live on through the efforts of his foundation.

With your support, Patrick will be remembered for his huge heart, loyal service, and mostly, the incredible kindness he offered so freely and so abundantly to those in need. Pat had an unusual and immeasurable capacity for giving. He was not a man who sought the spotlight. He lived his life quietly and yet, largely. He loved his family, treasured his friends and valued his place in the community without realizing the enormity of his accomplishments.

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