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This is Part 2 of information received from Dennis Joyce

Hardiman material follows with Galway Joyce names in text with year & page # in ( ) when appropriate. Other line items from other sources. The mathematics of population growth can be approximated. For Joyces from time of Thomas de Jorse, if each successive son had two sons I reckon are 2 to the 28th power for the year 2000. This amounts to 268,435,456 theoretical Joyces. Calculating for 1840 it is 2 to the 22nd power to yield some 4.2 million before starvation deaths began.

Ulick (5) 1706 – 1731, 65,536 – son of Ulick (4)
1730 Pierce Joyce born his Father N/A and wife Frances Kelley, Merview, Galway
1730? Walter Joyce of Merview founds Galway’s first bank

Gill (2) 1731 – 1751, 131,072 – son of Ulick (5)
1747 (305) Charter School Committee members include James & Walter Joyce among many
1750 Maurice Joyce born his Father n/a and wife Ann Herrola

Theobald (4) 1751 – 1774, 262,144 – son of Gill (2)
1764 (187) On 1 January 1764 Galway common council of many included William Joyce
1770 (257) Rev John Joyes of Oxford, co. Galway elected warden St Nicholas Church Galway

Giolla (Gill) Dubh 1774 – 1790, 524,288 – son of Theobald (4) an extensive land proprietor who lived in Vale of Glanglas which in 1888 was in possession of his successors
1774 Walter Joyce in Irish Volunteers, 1782 and Chevalier de St Louis with the Regiment of Berwick from 1774 to 1785
1777 Roger Joyce of Rupfield buried in Rosshill Cemetery, Clonbur
1784 Dr. Matthew Joyce, nephew of Marcus, leases Mervue
1785 (290) Mr. Joyce’s extensive distillery at Newtown Smith
1786 Big Jack Joyce (1786-1856) established Leenane House “Big Jacky” “King of the Joyces”
1788 Nora Joyce born her Father n/a and mother, Margaret Courtney
1790 (306) Female Orphan Asylum mentions Mrs. J. Joyce as benefactor – maybe 1815?

Theobald (5) 1790 – 1812, 1,048,576 – son of Gill Dubh had 2 sons: Gill (4) and Edward “Big Ned”
1791 (258) Thomas and Walter Joyce sheriffs of town of Galway

1791 (312) The Amicable Society has Walter Joyce as an original member
1792 (261) Rev John Joyes re-elected warden of St Nicholas Church Galway died in 1805
1792 Joyces sold property in Co Mayo to Blakes of Towerhill
1795 Walter & John Joyce’s warehouse built; after 1801 store, coal yard and Irish Provincial Bank belonged solely to Walter
1798 (191) In August, French landed at Killala
1800 Miles Joyce born his Father n/a and his wife Elizabeth McGowan
1800 Walter Joyce inherited Merview from his uncle, Dr. Matthew Joyce
1803 Walter Joyce retires from merchant life and went in business with Mark Lynch as banker. Walter had brother, John
1804 Pierce Joyce born his Father n/a/ and his wife Margaret Neill
1806 Walter Joyce bought estate Corgary from French Family
1807 Joyce’s Distillery operated on Nun Island in Galway by Patrick Joyce closed; it was founded in 1700s by John Joyce
1808 Ralph Joyce born Father n/a mother & wife n/a married 1858, Kilcommon, Mayo
1808 Peter Joyce born and tried for highway robbery in 1836 with death sentence commuted to transportation for life
Undated (282) reference to elegant dwellings & spacious stores built by Walter & John Joyce
Undated (282) Joyes’ or Joyce’s house at corner of Market & Abbeygate streets
Undated (283) Remainder of Dominick French house is in the Joyce Family

Gill (4) 1812 – 1837, 2,097,152 – son of Theobald (5)
1814 Dominique Joyce b abt 1814 Father n/a Mother Bridget Duffy, Carass, Mayo
1817 Laurence Joyce b abt 1817 Father n/a Mother Mary Fitzgerald, Castleisland, Kerry
1818 John Joyce, Galway merchant banker died in 1818
1825 Walter Joyce residing in Merview House possibly owned “Curgurry” too. Per The Orange Press he hosted dinner Daniel O’Connell who has “honor of dining with a few herring merchants and their wives.”
1830 Matthew Joyce b abt 1830 Father Felix Quinn Mother Margaret Joyce, ____ Mayo

Patrick 1837 – 1856, 4,194,304: – son of Gill (4)
1838 On July 26 James Joyce appointed by Queen Victoria to Arts Council Galway
1850 Redmond Joyce was Deputy Vice-Chairman of Board of Guardians & Clifden Workhouse
1850 Liam/Deois Joyce highwayman around Galway hitting landlords circa 1850
1851 Thomas Joyce of Galway or Mayo arrives in Hobart, transported during famine

John the Fair (Shane Ban) 1856 – 1884, 8,388,608 – son of Patrick whose only son died in 1856
1870s James Joyce and P. Joyce were members of the Belmullet Board of Guardians- was this Patrick Joyce, Thomas’ father?
1882 Miles Joyce convicted of framed murder in Galway
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