William Joyce – Sheep Sale Toongabbee, 1805

Aug 18th, 1805 | By | Category: Joyce Newspaper Reports

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 18 Aug 1805



MR. WOOD will attend at the following Places to examine the Wool of the  Flocks of Sheep of such Proprietors  to Be informed of the Quality of the Wooltheir respective flocks produce:-

At Mr. Palmer’s Long Cove Farm on  Wednesday morning, the 21st of August, at  11 o’clock, for the Flocks in the District ofSydney;

At Parramatta Stock Yard on Thursday morning, at 11 o’clock, for the ParramattaDistrict;

At Captain Kent’s Farm on Friday morning,  for the Flocks in the District of KissingPoint, at 11 o’clock;

At Mr. Barrington’s Old Farm for the Flocks in the Northern Boundary    District, on Monday morning the 26th ofAugust, at 11 o’clock;

At William Joyce’s, for the Flocks in Toongabbee District, 0n Tuesday the27th, at 11 o’clock;

At Captain Bishop’s Farm, for the Flocks in Prospect District, on Wednesday the 28th, at 11 o’clock; and

At the Green Hills, for the Flocks in the Hawkesbury District, on Thursday the29th, at 11 o’clock.

By Command of His Excellency,

G. BLAXCELL, Acting Sec.

Government House, Paramatta,

Aug. 19, 1805.

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