William Joyce – Lord Haw Haw Hanged 1946

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LONDON, January 3— The’Press Association says WilliamJoyce (‘Lord Haw Haw’) wasexecuted at Wandsworth prison.Official notice that Joyce wasexecuted was posted on the gatesof Wandsworth prison at 9.8 a.m.

Joyce’s wife, who was broughtspecially from Holloway Prison, andhis brother, Quintin, also his sister,were the last to see Joyce before his execution.
Each saw him separately and said good-bye.   A crowd of 250 lined the frosty pavements outside Wandsworth Prison when the warden posted the official anouncement that the death sentence had been carried out and thtsurgeon’s certificate.
Four Joyce sympathisers were among the early arrivals.   One told the Press Association reporter that he visited Joyce in Brixton Prison, ‘where Joyce behaved as you would expect a man of destinyto deport himself — In a manner keeping with his place in history.’To hang Joyce Is ridiculous. He was a German citizen. It is like Hitler hanging one of our men for defending his own country.’ .
‘A busload of Bailors passed theprison gates shortlv before the execution, shouting, ‘Hang him as highas you can.
‘There were extra police on duty,but there was no demonstration.The four sympathisers walked behind a clump of trees and stood withtheir hats raised as the clock In a distant church struck 8 a.m
From Townsville Daily Bulletin Friday 4 January 1946

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