William Joyce 1820 – 1900

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The late Mr. William Joyce, sen.,was one of our oldest and most respected  colonists. He was born in London in 1820, and at the age of twenty arrived in this colony, under engagement with the Australind Company, as a white-smith. After serving with the company for some time, he accepted employment in various surveying expeditions, inwhich he gained considerable bush experience. From that time up till a few years ago, when he retired on a pension,

He was employed by the Government in various capacities at Government House,and in the Survey, Works, Commissariat,Sheriff’s, Police, and Education Departments, in the last-named of which he spent upwards of thirty years; holding at the time of his retirement the position of packer and issuer. Mr. Joyce was predeceased by his wife several years ago,but both lived long enough to bring upa large family, and to see most of them married, and all well provided for.

The esteem in which Mr. Joyce was held was shown on August 16 by the representative gathering at bis funeral, which took place in the Church of England portion of the Perth Cemetery. The bodywas enclosed in a massive polished jar-rah casket, with silver-plated bandies and relates, covered with wreaths, sent by members of the family, and the fol-lowing sympathisers:-Mr. and Mrs.Egglestone, Mrs. Dale and family, Mr.and Mrs. J. Carmichael, Mr. and Mrs.Allan Woodbridge, Mrs. Buckley, Mr.and Mrs. R. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs.W. Joyce and son, Mr. E. Joyce and family. James’and Harriet Joyce, Mrs.G. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. J. Barrett,Mrs. and Miss Green, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Manning and family. Mr. and Mrs.Pennington, and Miss May Pennington.The chief mourners were Messrs. Ed-ward, James, Stephen, and William Joyce, sons of the deceased, Messrs. J,D. Manning, W. Elsegood, and P. Demasson, Masters John, Edward, George,and Andrew Manning, and H. Joyce,William Joyce, Albert Joyce, Lionel and Harold Joyce. The pall-bearers wereMr. G. Randell. M.L.C., Colonial Se-cretary; Mr. L. S. Eliot, Under-Treasurer ; Mr. J. B. Roe, Sheriff ; and Mr.John Stone. Among others present wereMessrs. G. Dent, F. L. Hussey, G. F.Glyde, A. P. Curtis, G. Letch, E. Ran-dell, A. Woodbridge, sen., G. W. Bell,6en., G. W. Bell, jun., J. Veryard, J.R. Churchyard, and S. Hyde, sen., and Major T. Sherwood. The Revs. G.Cutts and F. J. Price officiated at the grave, and the funeral arrangements were conducted by Mr. Donald J. Chipper.

Western Mail 25 Aug 1900

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