Walter Joyce of Merview

Oct 13th, 1823 | By | Category: Joyce Newspaper Reports

Walter Joyce, of Merview, Galway. inherited Mervue from his uncle Dr. Matthew Joyce in 1800. By then , he was already the owner of property in Mayo.

THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, October 13, 1823 We regret to state, that an outrage of a most serious nature has occurred in the interior of our County. A large barn, containing a quantity of hay, oats, and several valuable implements of husbandry, the property of Walter Joyce, Esq. of Merview, was on Saturday, the 11th instant, maliciously burned to the ground.

We are happy to say, however, that this outrage is not the offspring of any system of Ribbonism, but was the act of some wretches instigated by private malice. We trust that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

Mr. Joyce has lost no time in adopting the proper course (and, as will be seen by our advertising columns) has offered a reward of £50 to any person who will come forward and prosecute to conviction. This is the first instance of outrage we have had to record as committed in our county for a considerable time, and for the credit of the county we trust that the perpetrators will be given up.


Whereas on the Night of SATURDAY, the 11th OCTOBER inst., or early on SUNDAY Morning, a BARN, belonging to me, situate at Corgary, in this County, containing several Tons of Hay, Oats, and Implements of Husbandry, and various other Property, was maliciously set on fire and totally consumed by some Persons or Persons unknown. Now I do hereby offer a Reward of FIFTY POUNDS sterling to any Person who will, within six calendar months from the date hereof, come forward and prosecute to conviction all or any of the Principal Person or Persons concerned in the said Outrage; or one half of said sum of Fifty Pounds for such private information as may lead to his or their conviction within the last-mentioned period. Given under my hand, at Merview, this 13th day of October, 1823.

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