Vincent Joyce – Founder of the Pictou County Military and Heritage Museum

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Joyce vincent - pictou County Militarty Heritage Museum

Photo from The News – January 15, 2014

Vince Joyce has been a tireless worker for veteran’s rights in Canda and is the Founder of the Pictou County Military and Heritage Museum

  • 1960 – Joined Canada Reserved Army – Pictou Highlander /N.S. Highlanders
  • 1965 to 2000 – Non-member of the Royal Canadian Legion Pictou Branch #16. Helped in every way possible (raising funds, coach Legion Ball and Hockey Teams, Zone and Provincial Dart Tournaments, etc)
  • Joined Royal Canadian Legion Pictou Branch #16 as an ordinary member and held many Executive positions as well on many committees.
  • While with the Pictou Branch #16, designed and completed three Military Books of Military personnel. The Book of Honour, Book of Remembrance and the Book of Respect all displayed a picture of a Military person on one page and their Military profile of the other page. 600 Military personnel were completed and were placed on display at the Legion in a showcase.
  • July 2005 Mr. Vincent Joyce, started the Pictou County Military & Heritage Museum Association in Pictou County and it was located in the Town of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. The Museum was incorporated under the Society Act as a non-profit association. Mr. Joyce formed a Board of Directors of which consisted of past and present Military personnel. The Board of Directors elected him as President and have re-elected him President every year since. It is a volunteer position, and one he is dedicated to with a sincere passion and a great respect for the Military. Mr Joyce had    acquired over 800 Military artifacts and had researched all aspect of each artifact before displaying them.  The Museum was dedicated to the Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force. As time progressed and the artifacts continued to come in, Mr. Joyce added displays for the Canadian Cadet Corps both Navy, and Army and Air Force
  • The mission of the Museum is to preserve and document the historical artifacts and individual contributions made from the beginning of organized Military Units through World War 1, World War 11, Korean War and to the present day Canadian United Nations Peacekeeping Forces. Some of the objectives of the Museum include educating the youth of the significant contribution made by the Pictou County Military personal and Canadian Peacekeeping military personal throughout the world over the years. To travel to schools and communities with a program called “Canada remembers” presentation.
  • Joined NS Federation of Museum
  • Joined Pictou County Tourist Association
  • 2008 – After one and half years the Mueum outgrew there location and the Town of Westville Town Council approached them with a larger space, so they moved to the Town of Westville, Nova Scotia with all the displays and thousands of artifacts at that time.
  • At the present day, 2014, The Pictou County Military Museum has two large rooms and it houses over fourteen thousand Military researched artifacts from the smallest button to full dressed Military Mannequins. This display of artifacts beautifully showcases the history from the Boer War to the Present Day Soldier and is open to the general public five days a week in the summer (summer student grants) and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the winter (volunteers) There is no admission fee but only a donation if visitors wish to donate. The sustainability of the Museum is secure due to annual fundraising, donations and support from the Town of Westville.
  • Joyce also designed and was the builder of the wall and floor showcases of which all artifacts are placed. Each artifact is labelled.
  • 2010 – Transferred to the Royal Canadian Legion Stellarton Branch #28. Worked on committee to help raise funds.
  • 2010 and 2011 Started and organized a Canadian Veterans and Military Awareness Day which was located in the Victoria Park in Westville. Displays included 25 Military tents were set up. Each one of these tents housed a different Military display, such as NS Highland Weapons display, Navy Search & Rescue display, Military Cadet (Army, Navy and Air Force displays), Military recruiting display, tanks, bison, artillery pieces,  Military vehicles, local police forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police displays. Also included was the Military Family Resource tent, Navy show/ Recruiting bus etc. Thousands of people came out to view this display each year.
  • 2011 – Designed and created Books of Honour and remembrance for the Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, War Brides, Military Unit and Group book, Special Individual books, Korea war book and Afghanistan War Book. These books contain over 10, 000 Military pictures and Military history regarding each individual portrayed in these books
  • 2012 – Raise funds to place five interpretative panels and two cement pads around Military Museum. Five panels show through pictures and text the Canadian Military and Canadian civilian way of life. Panels include Pictou Battery Hill. Trenton Munitions / Gun Plant, New Glasgow Military Camp Parkdale, Pictou County Train Stations.
  • 2012 – Raised funds to place seven flags and flag poles in front of the Westville Town Hall and in the area of the Military Museum. Flags included, Canada, Nova Scotia, Peacekeepers, Canadian Forces, Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Red Ensign and the Royal Canadian Air Force.
  • 2013 – From March to July – organized a Canadian Korea War Veterans Day where 22 Korea War Veterans received Special certificate form the Canadian Government, the Republic of Korea Government. The Vets were also given special hats from the Pictou County Military Museum. 300 friends and families of the Veterans attended. Special guests of Honour and presenters were the Minister of National Defence, Honourable Peter MacKay and General Walter Natynczyk (Ret’d)
  • 2013 to 2014 – Currently working on another Canadian Korea War Veterans Day in partnership with the Republic of Korea Embassy in Montreal, Quebec. Have received confirmation from the Korea Embassy that 21 Korea War Veterans from Pictou County, who are still living and 9 posthumously will receive “The Korean Ambassador For Peace Medal” on September 25th 2014 in Westville, NS. The republic of Korea Consult General will be presenting these medals along with (not confirmed) the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.
  • 2014 – Started and Chairing The Westville Cenotaph Restoration Project, in partnership with the Town of Westville and the Westville Royal Canadian Legion. Raising funds to place three new handicapped and elderly walkway to Cenotaph, three new black marble plaques of the names of the Military personal who made “the Supreme Sacrifice” during World War 1, World War 11, and the Korean War. The project also includes cleaning and repair the monument, placing nine interpretative panels around the Cenotaph which will briefly explain Canadians in the Boer war, World War 1, World War 11, Normandy D-Day, Canadian Merchant Marines, Women at War, Korean war, Canadian Peacekeepers and the Afghanistan War. Included in the project will be two cement pads displaying  a C1 Howitzer and a M113 Armoured Personal Carrier.  A tri-flag will be placed behind the Cenotaph flying the Canadian flag and a Military flag on each side of the Canadian flag.
  • Designed and created Pictou County Military profiles and pictures on disks to be printed in the Pictou Advocate weekly called “On Guard for Thee”
  • Mr Joyce received the Award of Excellence from the Pictou County Tourist Association for the creation and excellent contribution the Museum makes to the the Community and for our tourist to visit.
  • Working with the Pictou Antigionish Library and the Stellarton Museum of Industries on Military Events and displays.
  • Guest speaker at several Remembrance Day ceremonies
  • Travel to schools and communities, with Military artifact, speaking on the contributions our Military personal have made for our Country
  • Created and designed the Pictou County Military crest for business cards, tourist brochures and the letterhead.
  • Fundraised and partnered with the local Tourist Association for over a year to acquire highway signs to bring awareness to the general public how to travel to the Museum.
  • With all these projects nearly completed, Mr. Joyce is now looking for new ways that he can Honour the Canadian Military and Canadian in general.

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