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Thanks to those who have joined to date. I wanted to explain a bit about the logo. The official coat of arms of the Joyce Family is a two headed red eagle on a white background with a sash of ermine. I have no idea whether I am descended from any Joyce who has the right to display that so I thought I would design a derivative with a bit of Joyce Family symbology, thus we still have the two headed red eagle and on the shield in the centre a Celtic Cross. Now we know the Joyce’s are an Irish family, predominantly (and more on that in a later post) and so the cross is s symbol of that Irish connection.

Surrounding that cross is a Claddagh Ring. There are a few legends surrounding the ring but the one most often quoted is that it was designed by Richard Joyce, a native of the small fishing village of Claddagh in County Galway who was captured by Moor pirates and sold into slavery to a goldsmith who trained him in the art. When William the third ascended to the throne he demanded that the Moors release all British prisoners. Richard’s master was so impressed by the young man that he offered him the hand of his daughter in marriage and half of his business. But his heart lay in Ireland so he returned home started his own Goldsmithing business and designed the Claddagh RIng.

We have a rich family history and I hope that we can all share some of our own family stories and the legends of the Tribe as the group develops

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  1. Profile photo of Mae Joyce Mae Joyce says:

    Hi I am Mae Joyce. My married name is Mae Dowling. My family migrated from Manchester England in 1955. We had a family of 8 children then. More were born in Australia. We had our photo taken in every Port. We came over on the Orontes ship, and was nominated by the Marshall family in Townsville where I live now. My father was John Patrick Joyce and mother was May Goldstraw, she was put in her mothers husbands name, as she was illegitimate. Her biological fathers name was Thomas Jones a short Welsh coal miner. My mothers grandmothers surname was Leigh and she was Irish. My fathers mothers name was Elizabeth Joyce , do not know my grandfathers name, only that he was a Joyce . He was gassed in WW1. My father John Patrick Joyce was merchant seaman. A gunner on the ship and was involved in the evacuation of Dunkirk, during WW2. He swagged his way around Australia during the depression in the 30’s, shearing sheep, wrestling and boxing. I do know that one of his sisters Susan Joyce married a Canadian that was in the Air Force. His name is Porter. She is known as Susan Porter and lives in Canada. That is about all I know at the moment. Anybody out there know anything they can help me with. I was born 16 th February 1950 in Braum Street , West Gorton, Manchester, where we lived.

    • Profile photo of lozster lozster says:

      Hi Mae, you should consider getting the Family Finder test done at Familytree DNA which will identify genetic relatives across all of you ancestral lines. If you find you match other members of the Joyce DNA Project you may find evidence of who your grandfather was and where his origins were.

  2. Profile photo of Mae Joyce Mae Joyce says:

    I made an error in my above comment, I said I was May Joyce, it should havebeen spelt Mae. I could not edit it sorry.

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