The Norman Conquest

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It is reasonably well documented that an early Joyce line to arrive in Western Ireland was started by Thomas De Jorse who was of Welsh Norman origin. I will come back to him in a later post but what I wanted to discuss here was whether or not the Joyce name is of Norman origin before it became Irish.

There are many names that are said to be related including Josse, Joce, Joice, De Jorse, De Jorz, Jowsey and Seiogh but is there any evidence of anyine of those names arriving with William of Normandy when he invaded England in 1066?

I am told the the Bayeaux Tapestry which lists the names of the Norman Knights who accompanied William the Bastard names a Le Sire deJort. He was the son of Nigel the third, a Count of Normandy and he took the name Robert.

Jort is a town close to Falaise in Normandy where William was born and there are suggestions that Robert was the son of Nigel the third, a Count of Normandy and a first cousin of William. So if Robert de Jort is indeed related to William, Duke of Normandy and King of England, then he too is descended from the Viking Rollo who was given land in Normandy by King Charles, known as the simple, the son of Charlemagne.

I’ll leave to a later post the story of Robert De Jort after the Norman invasion and I’ll finish off by saying that a lot more work needs to be done to prove all of this, but if correct, then Robert de Jort may well be the progenitor of the Joyce family in the British Isles.

I’d certainly welcome any comments and discussions particularly from our Irish cousins.

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