Senior Constable Joyce – Inspector of Nuisances 1875

May 22nd, 1875 | By | Category: Joyce Newspaper Reports

Mercury (Fitzroy, Vic. : 1875 – 1877) – 22 May 1875

The Inspector of Nuisances for the village of Coburg has recently visited Pentridge Stockade, according to instructions from the Local Board of Health, with a view of ascertaining whether it be true or false that the excreta of the prison is discharged into the Merri Creek, and that officer, who is a senior-constable in the Victorian police department, has rendered a report, which invalidates the statement made by Mr. Duncan, the Inspector-General of penal establishments, who has erroneously denied that such is the case ; for it now appears that the Merri Creek is only a sewer, as proved by the following report,which was read on the 12th inst., from Senior Constable Joyce, the Inspector of Nuisances, relative to the pollution of the Yarra water from the Pentridge prison –

” In compliance with the order of the Local Board of Health, the prison was visited on the 18th April, when it was found that the night-soil from the A division hospital and officers’ quarters was diverted from its original course into a pit 11 ft. x 12 x 8,where all the solid matter is detained i the fluid portion is discharged from the pit through a stone wall, at the back of which there is about three feet of broken stones,when it returns into the original drain and empties itself into the Merri Creek, close to Mr. Dunstan’s property.” In the B division ,and workshops the inspector found the night-soil flowing into the Merri Creek as heretofore. It was decided to forward ‘the report, along with a previous one, to the “Central Board of Health.

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