Phillip George JOYCE born 1842 Dorset

Dec 25th, 1842 | By | Category: Joyce Family History Searches

Researcher: Bonnie Elsten
Other Names: Stockley Dory

Phillip George JOYCE was born 25 December 1842 in Wareham, Dorset, England to Thomas JOYCE who was born around 1819 in Morden England. His mother was Caroline STOCKLEY of Stoborough, Dorset. Eng.We are looking for exact birthdates, and death dates. Their marriage was 10 August 1840.We are also interested in vital statistics on the parents of Thomas Joyce-James Joyce and Elizabeth and for Caroline Stockley’s parents- George STOCKLEY and Ann DORY who were married 9 April 1814.

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  1. Ashley says:

    Hello 🙂 I just found your website while searching my geneology and although we are looking for the same mans information maybe we could help each other…I’m fairly sure he was my great great grandfather. He was born dec 25 1840-1842 and died in ingonish beach, novascotia, Canada married to Anne fudge july 27 1864 in pass island, nfld and had 12 children. I’m not certain if he actually changed it or not but he went buy the last name stockley because his grandparents raised him. My poppy told me they always said it was a nickname that stuck.. I’m fairly certian that he brought his whole family to capebreton because we are still here today. I hope that helps a little!!!

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