Patrick Joyce 1834 -1906

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I was able to create a text file of the kinship report but not the descendants report, but anyone interested in dates, etc can contact me by email.

Kinship of Patrick Joyce
Name Relationship with Patrick Joyce Civil Canon
Barrett, Dean Mercier Great-grandson III 3
Barrett, Deborah Marie 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Barrett, Dellight Granddaughter II 2
Barrett, Dennis 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Barrett, Edward Grandson II 2
Barrett, Floyd Grandson II 2
Barrett, Hazel Granddaughter II 2
Barrett, Janice Deanna 2nd great-granddaughter IV 4
Barrett, Joyce Granddaughter II 2
Barrett, Kathleen Granddaughter II 2
Barrett, Kevin Grandson II 2
Barrett, Kevin Patrick 2nd great-grandson IV 4
Barrett, Michael Lawrence Son-in-law
Barrett, Myrtle Granddaughter II 2
Barrett, Orlyn George Great-grandson III 3
Barrett, Viola Granddaughter II 2
Barrett-Campbell, Skye 3rd great-grandson V 5
Ellen Mother-in-law
Floyd, Jr. Barrett Great-grandson III 3
Joyce, Catherine Daughter I 1
Joyce, Henry Brother II 1
Joyce, Henry Son I 1
Joyce, James Brother II 1
Joyce, James Son I 1
Joyce, John Brother II 1
Joyce, John Son I 1
Joyce, Mary Daughter I 1
Joyce, Mike Son I 1
Joyce, Nell Daughter I 1
Joyce, Patrick Self 0
Joyce, Patrick Son I 1
Joyce, Peter Brother II 1
Mercier, Cora Wife of the grandson
Monahan, Catherine Wife
Monahan, James Brother-in-law
Monahan, John Brother-in-law
Monahan, Julia Sister-in-law
Monahan, Mary Sister-in-law
Monahan, Mike Brother-in-law
Monahan, Patrick Father-in-law
Monahan, Tom Brother-in-law
Smith, Mary Ruth Wife of the great-grandson



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