Nora, Ellen, May, Delia, Katie and Martin JOYCE all immigrated to Boston

Jan 1st, 1882 | By | Category: Joyce Family History Searches

JOYCE – (Siblings Nora, Ellen, May, Delia, Katie and Martin JOYCE all immigrated to Boston, Mass from Galway and settled in Louisville, KY. Nora b. 1882 immigrated in 1891 married Mr. LUTZ. Ellen b. 1883 immigrated in 1896 married
William HENNESSY in 1906 Louisville KY. Delia married Mr. PHELAN. Katie b. 1886 immigrated in 1904 and Martin b. 1881 immigrated in 1899 and never married.

Another sister Anne JOYCE did not immigrate and married Thomas HEANEY in Ireland. They had a daughter Mary Agnes HEANEY b. 1894 who immigrated by herself to Louisville KY in 1909 and lived with Katie JOYCE. They all worked as house maids for wealthy Americans.),

Allen Rountree, San Jose CA,

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