Martin Joyce – died County Galway 1906

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Martin Joyce: a tantalizing “maybe”

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    My great aunt, who died in 1984, was 14 years old when her father, Martin Joyce, died in 1906, in Co. Galway, Ireland. After his funeral she found a trunk containing photos of him in uniform, as well as many papers and documents indicating that he had come to America, and served in the Confederate army. He had had a wife and family here, who all died during or soon after the war. She remembered the names Lynchburg and Tennessee (though not together, I asked her), and Mississippi. A relative also wrote this all down in the 1940s, and ‘Aunt Annie’ was giving the same details just before her death — so her memory was still good. She saw the papers only briefly — when her mother found out about them, she took them all and threw them into the fire :frown:(there were unresolved issues in that marriage! She was 30 years younger, illiterate, spoke only Irish, and worked hard keeping the farm — he was well-read, and preferred to spend his time in the pub, telling stories and reading newspapers aloud for his illiterate neighbors … usually being paid in ‘pints’).

    Martin Joyce was born in Shanakeela, Co. Galway, in 1840. But I find no further mention of him there until the mid ’80s. There are several Martin Joyces (a very common first name among Joyces) listed in the various Confederate resources, but I haven’t a real clue as to which of perhaps four or five he might (or might not) be.


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