Joyce Flax Growers – Ireland 1796

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From Dennis Joyce –

FYI, I transcribed Joyces from this website that is arrayed by Ireland’s Counties in 1796.  Needless to say majority are in Galway and Mayo.  Thomas Joyce in Westmeaath and Edward Joice (sic) in Donegal appear unusual. Perhaps they are indicative of other branches of Joyce tree.  Presumably individual Joyce shown here are major branches of Joyce tree(s) originating around Galway.  Will they have distinct DNA for descendants who have them in their genealogies?

Joyce Flax Growers 1796

Thomas Joyce – Drumraney, Co. Westmeath

Edward Joice – Templemore, Co. Donegal

Edmond Joyce – Clare, Co. Galway

James Joyce – Ross, Co. Galway

Myles Joyce – Cong, Co. Galway

Richard Joyce – Ross, Co. Galway

William Joyce – Ross, Co. Galway

Austin Joyce – Islandeady, Co. Mayo

Austine Joyce – Kilmeena, Co. Mayo

John Joyce – Killedan, Co. Mayo

John Joyce – Meelick, Co. Mayo

John Joyce – Shrulke, Co. Mayo

Martin Joyce – Drum, Co. Mayo

Myles Joyce – Annagh, Co. Mayo

Myles Joyce – Burriscarra, Co. Mayo

Patrick Joyce – Burriscarra, Co. Mayo

Patrick Joyce – Kilmainemore, Co. Mayo

Peter Joyce – Addergoole, Co. Mayo

Richard Joyce – Islandeady, Co. Mayo

Richard Joyce – Neal, Co. Mayo

Walter Joyce – Neal, Co. Mayo

Walter Joyce – Robeen, Co. Mayo

Marcus Joyce in his will dated 1647, mentions various lands with the date of their purchase as follows: Knochnemolhalla 1630, Drunine 1625, Tawnlogh 1635, Gortnerahie 1619, Clunemone 1628, Magheryneglasson 1632, Carrowlihane 1628, Agherconly 1629, Comnsheha 1630, Clomngannon 1630, Knockroe 1617, Carvowneglogh 1630, Carrowrickard 1630, Corbally 1630.  These properties are in the barony of Clanmorris in co. Mayo, and unfortunately there is no breakdown of the Mayo lands which Walter Joyce sold to Isidore Blake in 1792.”

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