John Charles Joyce 1842 – 1906

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  • Birth
    Ashmount, Culliaghmore, Leenane, Galway, Ireland
  • Arrival
    1873 Oct Age: 31
    New York, New York, USA
    He studied medicine for a time in Dublin but fled to America as the British were looking for him where he opened an umbrella shop. He was a Fenian. When his house in Longford was pulled down, they found guns hidden in the walls.
  • Marriage to Catherine Genevieve Boyle
    187831 DecAge: 36
    Manhattan, Kings, New York, USA
  • Residence
    1880  Age: 38
    New York City, New York, New York, USA
  • Residence
    1885 Age: 43
    New York (Manhattan), New York City-Greater, New York, USA
    326 E 16th
  • Residence
    1900 Age: 58
    New York City, New York, USA
  • Death
    1906Age: 64
    Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA
    Death date per his daughter’s passport application form. Died of infection from a shaving cut.

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