Jane Hyde and Walter Joyce,of the Baron Baltimore family

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Update: I have located a copy of the 1777 will of Jane Calvert-Hyde (1703-1778). In it, she mentions her grandchildren Ann Joyce (under 21 in 1777), Jane Joyce, and Kitty Joyce. Ann Joyce is living with her aunt Catherine Hyde-Willis, which leads me to believe Walter Joyce and Jane Hyde-Joyce were dead by 1777. Given that the other girls are still called “Joyce” in the will, I would assume they were unmarried in 1777, although that might not be the case.

I believe there was a fourth daughter, dead by 1777, who married a successful merchant named John Brown about 1770 and lived in Maryland, probably Prince George’s County. They had three children together: John Brown, who moved to South Carolina; Hannah, who might be the Hannah Brown who married Wilkinson Brashears; and Walter, who moved to Anne Arundel County and married three or four times.

Miss Joyce’s sister Ann may be the same person as the Ann who married the planter Moses Smith and moved to Abbeville, SC. Moses Smith’s children are thought to the cousins to John Brown’s children.

I have no theories as to what became of the other two Joyce daughters, Jane and Catherine. A Mrs. Catherine LeFoy, born about 1800, had an undetermined connection to the younger John Brown in Anderson, SC. It would appear she was his mistress. Four of her children took the name of Brown.

We might look at the Joyces of the Prince George’s County for clues as to Walter Joyce’s origins. John Joyce married Sarah Brooke in 3 Jul 1721; their known children bear names like the children of Leonard Brooke and his wives Anne Mudd and Anne Darnell. Anne Mudd’s mother was named Sarah, so she should have named one of her oldest daughters Sarah. John Joyce and Sarah Brooke could have named one of their sons Walter if Sarah was Leonard Brooke and Anne Mudd’s daughter, for Leonard and Anne also had a son named Walter.

We might also look at the Joyces of Merview in Galway. There were many Walters in that family. They were closely tied through marriage with the Galway Brownes.

It would appear the Joyce and Brown families had homes in both Maryland and England; John Brown, Sr., is thought to have spent the years of the Revolution in England.

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