The Joyce Diaspora

Welcome to Tribe Joyce.  Hopefully you have landed here because you have an interest in Joyce Family History.   I am compiling information on the Joyce Tribe from around the world and have set up a number of interlinked sites which you are welcome to join.      There is a Tribe Joyce Network on Linked in; a Joyce Family Page on Facebook; and a Joyce DNA Project at World Families with Associated Forum Pages.     If you find articles please send me the link and I’ll make sure that it’s entered. All of the posts are searchable.

I am after contributions so please feel free to email information to me or post a request into one of the forums.

The progenitor of the Joyce’s of County Galway was Thomas de Jorse who sailed from Wales in the reign of Edward I, and arrived with his fleet at Thomond in Munster.    There he married Onorah O’Brien, daughter of the chief of that district; and from there, put to sea, arriving in the western part of Connaught, where he acquired considerable tracts of territory.  While on the voyage, his wife gave birth to a son, whom he named Mac Mara, son of the sea.   This son extended his father’s acquisitions, and from him descended the sept of the Joyces, a race of men remarkable for their extraordinary stature, who, for centuries past inhabited the mountainous district, in Iar Connaught, called from them, Duthaidh Sheodhoigh, or Joyce country, now forming the barony of Ross, in the County of Galway.

This website will hopefully become a repository for the wider Joyce Tribe which has spread around the world.   I want you to contribute by sending me biographies of your Joyces for upload onto the blog.

Related names are Joyes, Josse, Joy, and de Jorse.

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