HENRY STANLEY JOYCE 1882-1961 (by Mike McDonald in 2002)

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HENRY STANLEY JOYCE 1882-1961 (by Mike McDonald in 2002)

Uncle Harry H. S. Joyce was the only one of his siblings except my grandmother to have children.  He had two, Peter and Jean, but neither had sons of their own, so his branch of the Joyce family has died out.

Uncle Harry loved the countryside, and became quite well known in England as an angler and writer on rural topics.  He wrote about six books and many articles for publications such as Field and Stream, which he illustrated himself with watercolors and pen-and-ink drawings.  He did a special illustrated album of poems for my grandmother, which you saw at my mother’s house last year.  He wanted to be a farmer, but his mother thought that wasn’t good enough for him, so he was made to join a bank against his will.  He became a manager of the and apparently was quite good at it, but never enjoyed the work.  He was good at swimming, and at one time instructed the Portsmouth police in lifesaving.  My mother told me he saved someone’s life by jumping off a pier and rescuing them.  His autobiographical “I was born in the Country” (reprinted, about 2000, as “A Country Childhood”) contains lots of information about White Mill in Shapwick.<

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