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The following information was received from Dennis Joyce

Thomas de Jorse I 1st Joyce in Ireland and head of Clan

1235 The Joyces, as followers of Maurice Fitzgerald, settled in Ireland c. 1235.  Per Mark

Thomas de Jorse II died 1317 1st Joyce in Ireland and head of Clan

1282 Thomas de Jorse arrives from Wales in Thomond, Co. Clare

1285 Thomas marries Nora O’Brien from great clan of O’Brien & move to North Connaught in Barony of Tyrawley

1289 Thomas and Hugh Joy[ce] served as jurors in 1289 survey of manor of Adrahan.  Hugh  forms separate branch of Joyce family from which I am descended in Northern Mayo?

1300 Thomas (MacThomas) may have made headquarters in Tyrawley at Castlekirke 14 miles south of Rosserk Abbey at a spot across River Moy from Foxford, Co. Mayo, a castle  originally built by William Barrett, senior, of Bac and Glen

1310 Thomas leaves Tyrawley for north of Clifden where colony established that led to Renvyle  Castle of Castle Currah

1311 Edmund “MacThomas born to Nora & Thomas while en route to Clifden

1315 Joyce received mountain lands west of Galway that are Joyce Country

Edmund (MacMara) 1317 – 1346

1330 Edmund marries unnamed daughter of O’Flaherty, Prince of Iar Connacht.  It is believed Joyces of Joyce Country descended from them

1340 -1440 Rosserk Friary founded by Joyces (Hugh branch?), 4 miles north of Ballina

Walter 1346 – 1378

1350 pp. 238-9 Joyces in Galway, 1350 per Blake

Sir Ulick 1378 – 1404

1392 pp. 238-9  John Joyce, 1392 Provost of Athenry per Blake

1400 Joyces founded homestead in Foxford on River Moy near Ballina at Castlekirk 14 miles  south of Rosserk Abbey

Thomas 2nd 1404 – 1432

Tiobid (or Theobald) 1465 – 1490, 64 – son of Thomas (2)

1484 In December King Richard III established charter for Galway

1485 (235) William Joyes (Shioy or Joy), native of Galway, Archbishop of Tuam 1487-1501

Giollo (or Gill) 1490 – 1524, 128 – son of Theobald

1498 (73) Galway population little more than 3,000

1507 (200) Artur Lynch Mayor and William Josse (Joyce) and Antony Lynch, both Bailiffs of  Galway – both drowned in River Corrib 11/25/1507

Theobald (2) 1524 – 1550, 256 – son of Gill

1525 (202) William Martin Mayor and Henry Jose Bailiff with Walter Lynch of Galway

1542 (204) Henry Jose (Joyce) Mayor with Edward and Patrick French Bailiffs of Galway

1548 (205) Dominick Lynch Mayor and John Jose Bailiff with Dominick French of Galway

Edmond (2) 1550 – 1570, 512 – son of Theobald

Ulick (2) 1570 – 1600, 1,024 – son of Edmond (2)

1580 (252) St Nicholas Church has Joyce’s marble altar – later converted by O’Hara Family

1582 (208) Robooge French Mayor with Walter Joyce Bailiff with Edmond French of Galway

1584 Claus Joyce (Ear to Cheek) infamous as Robin Hood terrorist to Brits in Galway

1588 (93) Destruction of Spanish Armada off West Coast of Ireland

Pre-1596 William Joyce, married to Agnes Morris, finds buried treasure becomes wealthy

p. 239 Margaret of Bridges Joyce, dtr of John Joyce per Blake

Pre-1596 William Joyce’s grand-daughter, Margaret of the Bridges, marries Domingo de Rona  of Spain and inherits his wealth

1596 William Joyce’s grand-daughter, Margaret of the Bridges weds Oliver Og French, Mayor of Galway

Ornate 16th century tomb in Galway’s St Nicholas of Myra church is for William Joyce?

Theobald (of the Castle) 1600 – 1620, 2,048 – son of Ulick (2) had 2 sons, Edmond (3) and Miles who lived in Renvyle Castle

Early 17th century Marcus Joyce founder of Merview (Mervue) branch of family (eminent wine merchants) with Galway home at corner of Market & Abbeygate streets buys land in Co. Mayo

Edmond (3) 1620 – 1640, 4,096 – son of Theobald

1622 p. 29 James Joies [Joyce], per Blake

1622 p. 267 Andrew Joyes [Joyce], per Blake

1627 p. 267 John O’Donnell, per Blake

1629 p. 36 Andrew Joyes [Joyce], per Blake

1636 p. 45 Robert Joes [Joyce] and Walter Joyes [Joyce], per Blake

1636 p. 46 Henry Joyce, per Blake

Thomas (3) 1640 – 1665, 8,192 – son of Edmond (3)

1640’s W. Joyce (or his orphans) and P. Joyce (or his orphans) are only Joyces listed as owning  property in Galway per Hardiman

abt 1640 Cornelius Joyce Father n/a wife Agnes Brown

1641 (108) Irish Rebellion begins 23 Oct – extermination of Irish Catholics

1642 In Dec John Joyce burned to death at Wicklow Castle, Dublin

1647 (122) Walter Joes [sic] Joyes or Joyce defense of town walls

1647 pp. 71-2 Henry Joyce, per Blake

1648 (246) Father Henry Joyce “for the town” at St. Nicholas Church Galway

1648 Richard Joyce I Goldsmith dies

1649 (269) James Quin & wife, Eleanor Joyes erected memorial tomb in St. Nicholas Church

1649 p. 73 Patrick Joes [Joyce] fitz Marcus; and James Joes ]Joyce] fitz Marcus, per Blake

1650 (127) Mayor Oliver Oge French knighted (married to Margaret Joyce)

abt 1650 Pierce Joyce born and died 1706, Galway, Galway

1651 (23) Rev. Henry Joyce, then warden

1652 (134) Famine for 2 years with 1/3 of population dead & ethnic cleansing begins-see Noone

1652 Oct 26 per Hardiman John Joyes with 87 others signed articles of surrender

1652 Oct 26 per Hardiman Richard Joyce, Walter Joyce, George Joyce, and Jn. Joyce among very many others refused to sign articles of surrender.

1652 Oct 26 per Hardiman men absent for articles of surrender vote among very many are  M.[arcus?] Joyce FitzMarcus, Pat. Joyce, FitzMarcus, Jas. Joyce FitzMarcus, and Walter Joyce FitzJohn

1652 In April Galway surrendered to Cromwell and faced confiscation of property and ethnic  cleansing campaign that led to Hell or Connaught or Barbados

1652  p. 214 Anne Joyce, per Blake

1652  p. 60 Richard Flynne’s name is mentioned as signer of Galway Terms of Surrender per Martyn

1653  p. 228 Cromwellian Settlement in Galway, per Blake

1654  Cornet George Joyce an officer in Cromwell’s Army

1656  p. 82 Oliver Og French,  per Blake

1663  p. 89 Henry Joyce, per Blake

1664  p. 98 Edmond Joyce, per Blake

Ulick (3) 1665 – 1687, 16,384 – son of Thomas (3)

1667  p. 214 Sybillia Joyce,  per Blake

1668  p. 100 Augustine Joyce, per Blake

1671  p. 103 Richard Joyce, and Pat. Joyce, per Blake

1673  p. 106 Nicholas Joyce,  per Blake

1676  p. 254 John, Augustine, Walter Joyce,  per Blake

1678 Richard Smith II Goldsmith dies

1687 John Joyes granted freedom of the city [Galway] per Mark

Ulick (4) 1687 – 1706, 32,768 – son of Ulick (3)

1688 (248) Father Henry Joice among others elected vicar of St. Nicholas Church Galway

1689 Richard Joyce, wealthy goldsmith allegedly creates Claddagh Ring in Galway & bought  Rahoon estate from Cromwellian, Col. Whaley (another source says William not Richard Joyce).  Another Richard Joyce possibly was Richard’s father and source of family wealth.

He had no sons.  When he died his estate was divided between his three daughters, one of  whom was married to Andrew Roe French, ancestor of the Frenches of Rahoon; another daughter married into the Lynch family; and the third daughter died unmarried, leaving her           share of Richard’s estate to Andrew Roe French and his wife.”

1691 Garrison members of Tribes who owned land in Galway and Mayo protected by advantageous surrender of Galway provisions signed 22 July 1691

1691 July 12 Marcus Joyce killed in Battle of Aughrim

1691 July 12 John Joyce killed in Battle of Aughrim

1691 July 12 Galway surrenders

1691 (254) Catholic warden Rev. Henry Joyce St, Nicholas Church succeeded by Mathew Lynch

1700 Maurice Joyce born and died in 1754


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