Carmel Joyce Author of The Queen’s Own Ulster Soldier

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Carmel Joyce marks her debut in the world of literature with The ‘Queen’s Own’ Ulster Soldier, a novel that seamlessly weaves together history and imagination. Joyce’s beautifully wrought tale reveals a stunning portrait of the British Empire at the pinnacle of its power and of the people who dared to do extraordinary things during such remarkable times.

Set in the Victorian Era, the story is centered on the Duncan clan, a family rooted on different cultures from five different continents. The Duncans were God-fearing and moral people and their steadfast virtues helped them strengthen their communities and even the Ulster province. They were the archetypal Ulster soldiers- always willing and ready to serve the Queen. Such was also the virtue that set John Duncan apart from other men of his time, he became the so-called “Queen’s Own Ulster Soldier” and left a legacy that others can only dream of accomplishing. The ‘Queen’s Own’ Ulster Soldier chronicles John and his family’s odyssey to find their place in the world and the many sacrifices, tragedies and, ultimately, triumphs that they encountered along the way.

Peopled by richly drawn characters, The ‘Queen’s Own’ Ulster Soldier is at once a remarkable story of men and women tested and strengthened by the times and a triumphant testament of courage and resilience.

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